3 Days and Counting to the West Coast

March 2nd, 2009–The bicycle panniers I ordered came yesterday. I settled with the Nashbar Euro Compact. I am satisfied I am able to fit all my cookware and camping supplies in them. I have weighed all my gear and I am at 70lbs. Not bad seeming that the Axiom Journey Rack hold a maximum capacity of 154lbs. As far as my “tent” goes I previously bought a Clark Jungle Hammock. This company based in SLC, UT makes an amazing product. I would recommend this over a tent.

Looking back at my writings from 2009 is humbling. I never knew what to expect when I departed on that winter day in May. I remember thinking Haymarket VA was just the starting point of the unexpected. The transformation within myself was exactly that, unexpected.  I tend to live with this idea of forcing myself into situations which bring out the best in me. What is hard makes us wise, humble, and further enlightened. I hoped that taking this adventurous leap would remove me from a life of non-direction.

School was not something that I took well, nor understood. Not the concepts or lectures, rather the idea that college was the “only way to be successful.” I was not training to be a doctor, lawyer, or anything of specialty. I was studying simply because it’s what my parents told me to do. If you know me, I don’t take too well to authority or being told to do something I don’t want to do. Well, unbeknownst to me at the time,  bicycle touring would be the answer to all of this. There would be no more classes or bullshit grades. Where I was going and what lied over the horizon was the ego pushing me to “make my own way.” This blossomed into the absolute feeling of accomplishment. I wanted to work hard on finding myself and stay dedicated and true to what my heart was telling me.

I am stoked I get to catalog my adventures from 2009. It feels like yesterday. I for one, love to see how my bicycle gear evolved over the years!

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