Avenue and I went out on a quick adventure to Potters Pond over the weekend. I've never seen this part of Utah so I pulled up Google Maps and found a water source buried in the green of the map. Potters Pond is roughly 15 miles into the Manti-La Sal National Forest, Utah.
The National Parks
The National Parks are a Provo-based band whose debut album tilted to the folksy side of indie rock. Their newest release features a beefed-up indie-pop.
Patrick Hendry
Had the pleasure and pleasant surprise invitation to skip on down to Maple Canyon with Suzy, Carley, and Alexis this past weekend. The later two visiting from Colorado were refreshing sassy-as-fuck company. Their sailor mouths were duly appreciated.
I had an urge to up and leave town this past weekend to the Great Basin National Park in Nevada. I've bike toured US-50 or "The Loneliest Road in America" back in 2009 with Tim. At the time we decided not to trek the side road towards the entrance which is located in little town of Baker. There's almost an 8,000 ft difference in elevation between Wheeler Peak and the valley touring up to the base of the peak was not an option.
Patrick Hendry | Costa Rica
I have a journal buried somewhere with all my writings, and as soon as I find said journal I will include the writing here. For now, these pictures should provide you a thousand words a least. Enjoy!
Patrick Hendry
I have decided to post one more time before I get back to the road in 10 days time. This is just another chapter in my adventure across America. I am back in Virginia with the family. The funeral over and North Carolina behind me, the thought of miles adding up had me many miles have I traveled in the past year. From Utah to Houston to Costa Rica, Panama City to Granada Nicaragua.
Patrick Hendry
Fayetteville has made itself out to be "that" town which will draw me back to Arkansas. The beautiful people which I have run into speak southern hospitality. In the beginning stage of Fayetteville I couchsurfed with Drew Swayne. Everyone would be better off for having this guy in their life. Under his wing I was taken to Eureka Springs.
Patrick Hendry
The waters have started to flood under my feet, granting me the buoyancy to continue down stream on this adventure across America. I would like to recap those events which have created a beautiful picture for my memory: along with the deck building (cheers Jeff, Wendy, & family), Homers (the favorite local restaurant), watching Keith dance his rump-off to live gospel-folk-blues, chatting with crazies, chatting with friendlies, meeting people who play Irish Folk (cheers Scott), meeting those who volunteer for community gardens (cheers Damian), and others who have made this a place...a place I will call 'Home'
Patrick Hendry
All is well here with Keith. Very well. Thoughts of where my life's tires are turning stand impenetrably in the mists of my mind.