Patrick Hendry | 2009 Bicycle Tour | Days 4–8

03/12/2009–Greetings from Damascus. I am sorry for the lack of new pictures. Internet is limited. In brief, camped at church ground, visited by a cop in a residential area while camped out – good outcome, biked 20 miles in rain, walked bike 4 miles in rain, two broken spokes, Damascus is a total bike community, 11 bike shops, and travel hostels.

Bike is getting repaired, breakfast with Larry Tow, a super chill guy who came over to Christ as he says. He lived on the Appalachian Trail for three years. We are heading out of here to Tennessee. 60+ miles a day has been the average with all the hills. Tennessee looks much flatter so we are hoping to put in more miles. I am loving life, love the people on the road, carry pepper spray close at hand for the random dogs that chase us on the road.

Humbled very much at what this trip has taught me. Russell and I (his name is actually not Whistle I came to find out, thick English grammar) are splitting up eventually as he heads south to LA and I to Utah. Well I am off, hope to be in SLC in 40 days. Here are some new pics over the last few days. Thanks for reading. 400 miles under our belt already. 2,000 more to go.