Thinking back to my first bicycle tour, March of 2009, I trusted I was making the correct decision to follow my dreams of adventure. I recall back to my childhood, before I received my first bicycle for Christmas, wondering just how large the world was. There was always a deep seeded longing to bike to the horizon just to see what lay ahead.

2009 brought me my “baptism” so to speak when I traveled across the United States on bicycle. This taught me to go with the flow and never live in fear of commitment or the unknown. Spontaneity coupled with grabbing what you love, holding on to it, and creating something beautiful led me to a wonderful person, Mali Hendry. I had been traveling south towards Phoenix via The Grand Canyon early 2013. This small yet significant bicycle trip of only three months led me to Prescott AZ.

This small and quaint town took my heart and instilled the next adventure.

Living in a small Lean Tent on a backyard farm, properly named “The Casa De Chaos” I came to know a small group of hippies. These young adventurous people took me in. As I settled to make my tent a bit more cozy, I ventured off into town one day in search of a Buddhist tapestry. Low and behold I turned a corner and stumbled onto a motorcycle I had never seen before.

I had just finished up a conversation the night before with four gentleman who were planning a motorcycle trip down to Argentina. Finding a motorcycle with a sidecar for Avenue, a hitch for a bicycle rack, and more than enough luggage space was a “sign” to say the least.

A few phone calls later I was saddling up the new rig and motorcycling back to Salt Lake City, UT. I needed to make the trek back to the 801 to register and license the new motorcycle. Before my departure, I was contacted by a dear friend who follows my Instagram feed. Tony Poulsen (@thetonus) saw this new Russian beast of a bike and purchased one himself.

His was being shipped straight from Russia, so it would be a few days before he could assemble the bike. He insisted I drop by the Mini dealership so he could get a first glance at what he was getting himself into.

This is where I met Mali and is the reason for this post. I was initially going to write this and surprise her for New Years, but needed to wait on upgrading my Vimeo account 🙂

I’d been on the road three straight days back to SLC. At 60mph on the open road, it was a tedious trek. I greeted Tony before I made it home to see my family. His coworkers are all car/motorcycle junkies so we spent some talking motorcycle specs and the sort.

Mali worked the front desk. First thing she did when we laid eyes on each other was completely ignore me and yelled, “pooper!”

She has an affinity for four-legged creatures, which made me sub standard compared to that face of Avenue. After some small talk, she mentioned in passing I should break up her work day the following day and give her a ride. I recall telling Tony, “If only I were only a little older” thinking I was totally out of Mali’s caliber of men. With little thought to her motorcycle ride offer, I fired up the Ural and headed home for some much needed sleep.

Mali and I met up the next day. She made sure I didn’t call her during the Moment of Nature. Before a storm set in we cruised around the SLC capital to an overlook. The world was quiet and it was love at first sight, well second sight now that Avenue was spending time with the grand parents 🙂

From then on we were inseparable. I spent time at her place enjoying the coziness of her quaint apartment. Three days into our time together I asked if looking at rings was weird. After a little hesitation, she simply stated, “no!”, and a ring was purchased.

Thirty days to the day of meeting we tied the knot. It has been a wonderful experience sharing the wold with a true partner. Scout and Avenue love each other like there’s no tomorrow. Our small family is perfect, simple, and complete.


I am more than grateful to have met you. What I have learned about myself, life, and happiness has been more than humbling. It’s made me see the world as something beautiful. I know we have done tons of learning about each other and ourselves as we ride along in this marriage and every day I wake up feeling loved and wanting to give love.

You’ve completed my circle I dreamt about while gazing at the sunset over Monument Valley…which was, “Damn, I wish I could share this with someone.” Beautiful things in life are meant to be shared and I am stoked I get to share them with you.

May our adventure be a spectacular one!

I love you.

Mali and Patrick Hendrymali-patrick-wedding-7Mali and Patrick Hendry Mali and Patrick Hendry Mali and Patrick Hendry Mali and Patrick Hendry Mali and Patrick Hendry