Little Rock to Fayetteville, Arkansas

Fayetteville has made itself out to be “that” town which will draw me back to Arkansas. The beautiful people which I have run into speak southern hospitality. In the beginning stage of Fayetteville I couchsurfed with Drew Swayne. Everyone would be better off for having this guy in their life. Under his wing I was taken to Eureka Springs. Speechless on what an amazing place this was…and it still wonders my mind how I encountered the band I met earlier in Little Rock. So there we are browsing the shops, taking in the art, candy shops, and trinket spaces when, from the street…”PATRICK!” Kyle from Poor Boy Tango dashes out of the moving car and runs up with a greeting hug. Kyle, Trish and Patrick have drove up to play a show; Matt, Rob and Chris were only hours behind. Random-phat-chance.

After reminiscing over some drinks, Drew, John, and I stay for their show. Once again I’m telling you this band is amazingly talented and are true rockers. Humble-energetic group of guys. Thanks again for naming the Cross-Country Biker song in tribute of me. You will always be family.

From a weekend in Fayetteville in which I shared in a very welcomed visit from a close person I met in Little Rock (Patricia, I will keep you in my thoughts….), to Eureka Springs and Sunday church…I would guess you’d expected me to jump-on-out of Fayetteville, and with a sincere thought I tried.

Patrick Hendry
I headed West towards “that Oklahoma state” which has been lingering in the back of my mind. I took the usual stop when the nights sky creeps from blue to black. There I set up camp near the beautifully-secluded lake Weddington. Rested and anxious to get to the Rockies I drift into thoughts of Walden. If it were not for the down-poor of rain that night and my many attempts at sleeping I might not have remembered that I forgot to drop by the Fayetteville post office. A package from Little Rock awaited me. I had to backtrack…an hour and a half back into town I toured the campus of the U of A, watched the anxious looks of those students about to face their finals, and enjoyed the weather. Wile chillin outside the Union building I was lucky enough to be meet up with some crazy-cool-cats. Dagen, Joy, Andy, Jason, Lauran, Jordan, Erica, Nick, Bradford, Jeff, Sammy, Daniel, bartender Nick, Amy, Mike, Nate…but not all at once of course. Dagen and Joy were my first acquaintances. Then came the many many more. Damn! I am a better person for running into this community of fellow bikers. I can proudly rock the Axles of Evil gang spirit wherever I go now. True bikers, true rockers, true humans. Many rides together on beach cruisers, doubled-up-tall bikes, road or vintage bikes. From waterholes to multi-colored water towers, this place will forever draw me back. A hidden Oasis. So with the prospect of rain, I will enjoy the last couple of days here in a home on a couch.

I have gone about a week without talking to anyone. I have slept in some strange places. 13 hr days of 140 miles…my rear could use some extra padding. Today I stopped in Medicine Lodge. Yes this is an actual city name. My first chance to charge my phone in a good while. Messages unheard….messages from home confirm that my grandfather has passed. I met three memorable people here. George, Garry, and Marge. George was a retired professor of biology and has a son who writes for national geographic….I will keep in touch with that thought. Garry happened to be heading to Wichita and happened to have a place to store my bicycle. I am humbled. I have just now been dropped of back into reality…and it is a daunting thing to go from complete solidarity to REALITY!!!!IN YOUR FACE!!!! I write to you now without having taken a shower in over two weeks, smelling like mold and fire, with my hippie patches rocking out on my bag. People must have some interesting thoughts about this precarious person sitting on the floor of the airport. I will be in North Carolina tonight. After the funeral, my family and I will drive back to Kansas. I will pick up where I left off; broke, hungry, and loving life. Also the pictures are not photoshop’d they are the real thing regarding the sunrises.

Much love to those in Fayetteville, you have all touched my heart and I will forever be indebted to you. Bradford I never told you that I love your beard. Thanks for taking me under your wing that night we went to the abandoned house. Dagen I am sorry I didn’t get to give a proper goodbye, and that goes to you Joy, Jason, Andy, and Lauren. I miss you like missing home. Rock that basement!!!!