Patrick Hendry | Bicycle Touring | Friday the 13th

Thursday…heading up a hill, clank, broken spoke. Down the road, clank, two broken spokes. Rain sets in, and I start walking. 4 miles and a few hours later walking my bike, a truck comes up and takes me down the most beautiful canyon. Pro’s I was out of the rain walking my bike, Con’s I missed out cruising down the beautiful Appalachian canyon. Russell apparently went down to Damascus VA and paid some local bike shop dude to come get me. Forever grateful.

So this brings us to Larry Tow, Ben and the hiking group from Michigan, Linda and Tom with the scout group. Larry was a folk who had been living on the Appalachian trail for three years. He made Russ and I breakfast, and not just any breakfast. Potatoes with mixed green peppers, garlic, spice, eggs mixed with mushrooms, cheese, croissant rolls with homemade jam with mixed fruit. Ben and the hiking group were practicing group leadership for undergrads, time was brief but great conversation. Last but certainly not least is Linda and Tom. By far the most exciting people I have met on this trip. They were gracious enough to serve me “billy’s chili” with corn bread. absolutely amazing. I will not forget the humble conversation we had regarding world customs and places we have traveled. “We aim to please, sometimes we don’t, but we aim to” & “you gotta go south to go north” – Tom

That brings us to today. Rain Rain Rain, highway overpass camping due to Russ forgetting his rain portion of his tent, and another broken spoke. Bought a whole new rim and Russ and I got a room tonight to dry our 92 mile and 66 mile rides of the last two days. We plan to start breaking 100 miles easily, very soon…but we could due without the rain. Weather forecast for the next week: Rain Rain Rain. oh well… Life is good.

Patrick Kyle Hendry Patrick Kyle Hendry Patrick Kyle Hendry Patrick Kyle Hendry