August Outdoor Shenanigans

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread.”Edward Abbey

Many times during these past two months I’ve yet again felt my itchy foot syndrome sneak up. Realizing that this may never seize to exist I am actively working on staying content in familiar surroundings. Always being on the up-and-go feels more natural than holding down a residence and permanent job. I have not found a way to marry my personal gear spending sustainably while living on the road, at least not to my luxury.

I’ve always appreciated downsizing but with greater wealth comes a greater excuses to upgrade and acquire new gear purchases. Reasons vary from efficiency, lost or broken gear, or simply stupid spontaneity. I swear, if I could put as much time into saving money as I put into making the same fucking mistakes over and over again, I would…well I have not clue what “I would” be of anything…probably the same old me and that fits just right.
With that said, I had an urge to up and leave town this past weekend to the Great Basin National Park in Nevada. I’ve bike toured US-50 or “The Loneliest Road in America” back in 2009 with Tim. At the time we decided not to trek the side road towards the entrance which is located in the little town of Baker. It’s almost an 8,000 ft difference in elevation between Wheeler Peak and the valley floor…bike touring up to the base of the peak was not an great sounding option. This time around, I threw Avenue into the Jeep and took off late Saturday afternoon. The four hour dive is beautiful if you have a respect and appreciation for the desert. Back-road-two-lane highways mainly. I enjoyed driving this road for a third time. Quietly talking in my head, pointing out totally obscure places I remember like, “…and that’s where Tim took a nap, and that’s where we stopped to camp, and YES! that’s stoner pass!”
Patrick Hendry
Initially the park is not an eye shock. The mountains seem to gently ascend with no real feature for faction but as you gain elevation on the 10 mile scenic drive towards the top campground, Wheeler Peak starts to appear and what a fucking sight to see with the autumn colors blanketing it’s base. There is a shit ton of wild life at Great Basin National Perk from Marmots, Wild Turkeys, Deer, and loads of Jack Rabbits. During my brief time there Avenue and I were able to catch some amazing shots of all the colors and said wildlife. I think she’d rather be chasing a ball but nevertheless we enjoyed a new moon night sky and morning sunrise over this truly monumental and forgotten national park. Below are the pictures from this trip along with a stellar deer video if you’re into that kind of thing…oh and a squirrel! Enjoy!