Patrick Hendry | October 2015 shenanigans

Desert camping and mountain hiking have been the dominate reality over the past four weeks. Reminiscing with old friends over whisky at the Knolls, climbing Sun Dial Peak with my cousin, and capturing epic night skies over the Salt Flats has led to some stellar galleries below. Along with the images there have been recent events in my life that I’ve not captured which I’d like to briefly document.

I suppose first and foremost is the sharing of personal time with someone I can completely be myself around. I know I’ve spoken this to myself many times in my past and I’ll remind myself once again of the importance of shared experiences and the importance of being 100% myself. No expectations, no promises, just simple living with an emphasis on quality time in the outdoors. The balance of personal reflection in the solitude of nature coupled with an intimate connection to another has left me excited about the future and my happiness.

The pursuit mental happiness has also carried over into my physical health. I finally ponied-up and took my ass to an Orthopedic surgeon for my knee pain. A few visits and an MRI later, turns out I have a huge tear in my meniscus. This will be my first surgery ever, besides wisdom teeth, and I’m relatively freaked out. In the end, I’d rather fix the issue than have my leg fall off while climbing so I’m sucking up my fears and getting this shit out of the way.

Uinta Mountains

The Knolls

Sun Dial Peak

Salt Flats | Night Shots