Today I start my new position as QA Engineer. I can officially say I am apart of a “web development” team! Pretty stoked on this achievement and to work under my new boss, Michelle. Work life is looking pretty badass! On to C# and testing…gonna need to rack up some extra brain cells with the new title demands!

After my first day as QA Engineer for For Rent Media Solutions, my brain feels like it’s either ooozing out of my ears or ooozing into by eye sockets. I knew going into this position would demand 110% drive and I was absolutely correct in thinking so. The intimate level of knowledge required for QA’ing is staggering. Working through the fluidity of all the beta environments, graylogs, Git pulls/pushes, and branch merges is staggering from the viewpoint of a front-end web developer position. Version control is one hell of a maintenance job!

I have sought to surround myself with persons smarter than myself and I know that’s exactly where I’ve landed. Surrounding me is a work bench, a tool kit, and a team of supportive, motivated, and intelligent professionals. This is truly an amazing place to be. The team here at For Rent is in-tune with the latest technologies such as node.js, angular.js, Selenium, GitHub, etc…which opens up the door to a whole new world of thinking. Michelle is one hell of a motivator and totally did not want her picture taken…Ha!

I am very glad to have taken a position that requires me to branch out of the comfortable and familiar for the gain of self betterment and knowledge.