Adventures in the autumn mountains of Utah

Avenue and I went out on a quick adventure to Potters Pond over the weekend. I’ve never seen this part of Utah so I pulled up Google Maps and found a water source buried in the green of the map. Potters Pond is roughly 15 miles into the Manti-La Sal National Forest, Utah. This is truly “good-ol-boy” country out here. Hunters, large caravans, generators and guns. Besides that disruption, I think these are some of the most beautiful mountains that are not appreciated by the residence of the Wasatch Front. One thing I always look for in nature is wide open space and there is absolutely plenty of that here.

Along with all the autumn colors detailed in the images below, I has an amazing encounter on my drive back to Salt Lake City. Down the two lane highway north of Fairview I drove past a pack bike tourist. As the distance between us grew I knew I would regret the hell out of not stopping. With my mind made up, I pulled a U and drove back to catch up. I parked a few yards ahead of Fred, from the Netherlands. He had been on the road for 30 weeks. Started in Alberta, Canada headed to Panama City, Panama. He was a fit fellow for pushing 70 years old and quite happy to see some young chap stoked on his adventure. The time was brief but I managed to give him most of my perishables then sent him on his way.

I recall a time Tim and I were cycling through the vast desert of Nevada and a gentleman pulled over and topped off our water. That has never left me and to this day, I stop for nearly all bike tourists. Such a badass community. Anyway, enjoy these autumn images. Cheers!



Patrick Hendry


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