Intense Canyoneering with Avenue and Tim

Carrying on the tradition of canyoneering in the dead of winter, Tim and I found ourselves Bear Grylls’ing it after our last 200ft rappel. As the light of day dwindled, we set up shop on the side of a cliff, tucked Avenue into a snow coat, and shared a third of a bagel. We stoked the fire every 20 minutes for 12 hours to stay warm throughout the night. After the intense cold of night, two lost ropes, and no food, we started the down-climb towards Horseshoe Canyon. We were unsure if there’d be another rappel so we triple-check-hiked at every turn. This unexpected two day adventure pushed us to our limits and was the most intense trip of my life. Glad to be able to share this trip as opposed to being stuck in the canyon. Enjoy these images!


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