Cheers to those who pick up at a moments notice and follow me and Avenue into Utah's West Desert. I have written in the past about the deafening silence out in the Salt Flats and it still holds true, never disappoints. Pat and I, along with Avenue of course, hiked to a peak out in the middle of nowhere for some epic shots. I leave you with some stellar photos from this past weekend.
I'm three years behind on adding the following images, nevertheless this first canyoneering adventure got me hooked to the idea of heading out into the middle-of-no-where with ropes and descending into areas rarely visited by people. Enjoy.
This year of the Monkey has packed my memory with red rocks, mountains, and valley gorges. I live my weeks in preparation for the weekend reality. Quiet days spent alongside the rivers edge, digging my feet into the banks watching the sand camouflage into itself.
Not too much to say other than it's always badass to be with good company in the most beautiful place on earth. The cherry on top is getting on rock and testing your physical limits then feeling exhausted while sitting back by a camp fire grubbing down on stellar food. Cheers ya'll who made this one hell of an experience!
Patrick Hendry Bicycle Tour Glacier National Park
We left Missoula eager to get to the mountains. Nature has a way of signaling you like the internal clock of a morning roosters crow. As the city faded south we cycled deeper into the wheat fields of Montana. Glacier National Park was 130 miles due North, 130 miles until my 26th birthday.
Desert camping and mountain hiking have been the dominate reality over the past four weeks. Reminiscing with old friends over whisky at the Knolls, climbing Sun Dial Peak with my cousin, and capturing epic night skies over the Salt Flats has led to some stellar galleries below. Along with the images there have been recent events in my life that I've not captured which I'd like to briefly document.
Avenue and I went out on a quick adventure to Potters Pond over the weekend. I've never seen this part of Utah so I pulled up Google Maps and found a water source buried in the green of the map. Potters Pond is roughly 15 miles into the Manti-La Sal National Forest, Utah.
Patrick Hendry
Had the pleasure and pleasant surprise invitation to skip on down to Maple Canyon with Suzy, Carley, and Alexis this past weekend. The later two visiting from Colorado were refreshing sassy-as-fuck company. Their sailor mouths were duly appreciated.
I had an urge to up and leave town this past weekend to the Great Basin National Park in Nevada. I've bike toured US-50 or "The Loneliest Road in America" back in 2009 with Tim. At the time we decided not to trek the side road towards the entrance which is located in little town of Baker. There's almost an 8,000 ft difference in elevation between Wheeler Peak and the valley touring up to the base of the peak was not an option.
Patrick Hendry | Costa Rica
I have a journal buried somewhere with all my writings, and as soon as I find said journal I will include the writing here. For now, these pictures should provide you a thousand words a least. Enjoy!