I have been spending more time in nature with the pups. Between my Ural Gear-Up, Advanced Elements kayak, and Mountain Hardware Trango 3, I am pretty equipped to enjoy the expanse of mother nature. When life starts to get stressful, it always a nice release to head out for a night under the stars.
Patrick Hendry Arkansas Bicycle Tour
This post is dedicated to Keith Newton. We are just chillin here in Little Rock. We have been to a Star Wars comedy show, eaten deer Jumbo with Keith, and Russ met some British people RVing across America, they donated $200 to him…that recombinant bike is like the ultimate sugar-mama-chick-magnet, so mainly we are just taking a vacation from our vacation. The weather has turned a bit chilly and I have strained-out one of my muscles in my leg while I was messing around on the bridge today, so I am on the couch reading and resting for the day. By the way my facial hair is driving me a little insane, the mustache is tickling my bottom lip…hey…I know what you are thinking (weirdo) but I am a late Keith has some great shots, this being one of them bloomer with the whole scruff thing and I feel that is enough reason…Continue Reading
Patrick Hendry Arkansas Bicycle Tour
  Little Rock is a very quaint, liberal, artsy community. The bike friendly town has earned it self in the top best places I have traveled to. Evidently people around here like the prospects of hiring persons who are pedal biking across America, or a “foreigner” as some would like to call it. Utah accents are a plus here. I am working on some network-connections to see if I can land a job here and stay for a bit. Russ and I have moved out of Keith’s place and into a couchsurfers home. Adam (our host) is very sincere and positive. I am grateful that we can rest in a home while Russ recovers. I am waking up early and exploring the city when the weather permits. One minute it will be cloudy and cold but within 30 minutes or so I am sweating beads in the scorching sun. Interesting…Continue Reading
I thought I would take the time to document the events since the 2015 New Year. Life in downtown Norfolk has started to feel like home, rather I am carving out a place for myself to make it home. From my bed to office desk is literally a 90 second walk, my favorite coffee shop is another 40 seconds, and the daily walks with the pups is just enough to wear them out. I bought Scout a new Burley Tail Wagon trailer. On our maiden voyage I managed to bend the hell out of the axel. $45.00 and a few weeks later we should be reset and ready to rock! Avenue is also enjoying Norfolk. She has her claim to the sidewalks and ensures all the other dogs are aware. Life as a QA Engineer at has been easily the most rewarding job I have had up to this point in my life.…Continue Reading
TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, THANK YOU FOR WAITING Thinking back to my first bicycle tour, March of 2009, I trusted I was making the correct decision to follow my dreams of adventure. I recall back to my childhood, before I received my first bicycle for Christmas, wondering just how large the world was. There was always a deep seeded longing to bike to the horizon just to see what lay ahead. 2009 brought me my “baptism” so to speak when I traveled across the United States on bicycle. This taught me to go with the flow and never live in fear of commitment or the unknown. Spontaneity coupled with grabbing what you love, holding on to it, and creating something beautiful led me to a wonderful person, Mali Hendry. I had been traveling south towards Phoenix via The Grand Canyon early 2013. This small yet significant bicycle trip of…Continue Reading
Patrick Hendry Arkansas Bicycle Tour
As I travel more into this bicycle trip, my legs are becoming ever graceful and the thought of a car is turning rather offensive in my mind. It is a peaceful awareness knowing every morning my alarm clock will always be the sounds of hundreds of chirping birds, and without fail it's always a beautiful way to start the day. I wake and sleep with the rise and fall of the sun.
Patrick Hendry Bicycle Tour
I would like to update you on what is taking place. Green open fields, bright-blue hazel sky, rice field’s rice field’s rice fields. Doctor visit for Russ, almost tore his knee muscle completely apart. We think it happened when he was riding on the left side of the highway (cheers to the English), pushing himself to get a mile in before an oncoming car came.
Patrick Hendry
They who have done the lease make the greatest to-do of what they have done. A quirk in their character venerates the simplest deed they preform, and everything is made to appear marvelous. Even when speaking of others, self-applause is apparent in the theme of the praises they sing.
Patrick Kyle Hendry
The title should be self explanatory. Note to self, pepper spray on the handle bars for easy access for the crazy dogs. I have pulled it out many times but have not used it yet. Dogs are very very scary out here. As far as the churches go, well there is defiantly more than enough to go around.
Patrick Kyle Hendry
Thursday...heading up a hill, clank, broken spoke. Down the road, clank, two broken spokes. Rain sets in, and I start walking. 4 miles and a few hours later walking my bike, a truck comes up and takes me down the most beautiful canyon.